• Wege zur Treibhausgas-Neutralität bis 2050. Der Einfluss von Politik, Technologie und Verhalten auf eine erfolgreiche Transformation. Abschlussbericht des Projektes DIPOL [PDF].

The report presents a number of scenario narratives that combine the perspectives of various stakeholders to achieve the German and European climate goals. They show a number of possible development paths for Europe and Germany. The scenarios examine the influence of three central dimensions of the transformation: “technology and innovation”, “political coordination” and “behavioural change”. The dimension “technology and innovation” describes the effects of restrictions on certain technologies with insufficient or limited social acceptance, such as CCS, bioenergy, wind energy, or nuclear power. “Political Coordination” examines the differences between a market-based approach, which is mainly based on GHG pricing, and a sector-based approach, which combines GHG pricing and targeted supporting sectoral policies such as subsidies for electric cars, precision agriculture or hydrogen production, but also bans on oil heating or new registrations of combustion engines. The “behavioural change” dimension shows the consequences of lifestyle changes towards lower energy demand and changed eating habits.


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