Final conference

The final conference on January 26, 2022 discussed socially viable visions for a transformation process towards a greenhouse gas-neutral society by 2050.

The background to the conference was, among other things, the agreed "Green Deal", with which the EU is aiming to become the first greenhouse gas-neutral continent by 2050. The basis for the discussion was the final project report "Ways to greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050. The influence of politics, technology and behavior on a successful transformation". This presents a number of possible development paths for Europe and Germany and examines the influence of technology and innovation, political coordination and behavioral change.

Welcome and moderation - Dennis Tänzler, adelphi
Introduction to the project - Elmar Kriegler, PIK
Results of the Scenarios - Jessica Strefler, PIK
Distributional Effects - Colin Vance & Kathrin Kaestner, RWI
Statement of the NGO Bellona - Erika Bellmann
Statement of the NGO Misereor - Anika Schröder
Joint discussion